Killer Tools Pro-Tec Surge Suppressor

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Killer Tools Pro-Tec Surge Suppressor
  • Pro-Tec Surge Suppressor protects all relay switches and computers when MIG welding while battery is still connected
  • Disconnecting battery loses important computer memory and still does not protect relay switches within 2 feet of MIG welding
  • By attaching the Pro-Tec Surge Suppressor you're guaranteed protection against any transient voltage spikes
  • Works with all 12 volt batteries
  • Exclusive triple protection
  • The only suppressor made in the USA
  • Battery does not have to be disconnected
  • Works on all domestic and foreign vehicles
  • Weight (lbs): 2.00
  • Case Quantity: 0
  • UPC Number: 0712038040919


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