Blair Equipment 9/16" Rotabroch® Cutter

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Blair Equipment 9/16" Rotabroch® Cutter
  • For precision holemaking in sheet metal and frame materials up to 1/2" thick. Blair Rotabroach Annular Cutters make clean, burr-free, round holes with no deforming of stock or damage to the surrounding material. Ideal for sheet metal fabrication or PDR and rustproofing access holes because the snap-in plugs fit perfectly. Custom builders and aftermarket equipment installers can also count on the superior quality holes.

  • Rotabroach Cutters are precision ground and made of M2 H.S.S. with a patented tooth geometry that also prevents chip clogging whether cutting steel, sheet metal or plastics. Unlike hole saws and twist drills that push and tear through materials, these cutters will make hundreds of holes with no deforming of stock, jagged edges or out-of-round holes.

  • Arbors for Rotabroach Cutters fit 3/8" and 1/2" hand held drill chucks and use either spring loaded pilots or skip-proof pilots which eliminate pre-drilling operations. Made in USA.
  • Weight (lbs): 0.05
  • Case Quantity: 1
  • UPC Number: 632175111207


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