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  • Customizable Performance Dashboards, including: Intake air temperature, ambient air temperature, engine coolant temperature, timing, manifold absolute pressure and mass air flow
  • Trip Stats help you learn about and adapt your driving habits to save money at the pump, including:
  • Fuel economy by week, month or year
  • Average fuel consumption, fuel consumed and fuel cost
  • Elapsed time and distance travelled
  • CO emissions output
  • Maximum speed, average speed, +30 additional parameters
  • Digital Towing & Engine Gauges
  • Get smart phone alerts for problems with engine coolant and transmission temperature.
  • See RPM, boost oil temperature, engine load, vacuum pressure, engine power, torque and more
  • CHECK ENGINE Light Diagnostics
  • Find out why the CHECK ENGINE light is on (or if it might come on soon)
  • Learn if your vehicle is ready to pass an emissions “smog” test
  • Read the diagnostic trouble codes (in consumer-friendly terms)
  • Turn off the CHECK ENGINE light/clear codes right from your smart device
  • Weight (lbs): 0.15
  • Case Quantity: CA


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